Claims for unfair dismissal can be made in a variety of situations. These are some examples that we regularly deal with:
Redundancy dismissal
You may consider your employers used redundancy as a way of removing you from the organisation, and that the real reason for your dismissal was not redundancy. You may consider the procedure followed was unfair, as others should have been selected before you, or that your employer did not give proper consideration to alternatives to redundancy. It may be you think the decision was discriminatory.
Conduct dismissal
You may consider the decision to dismiss you for misconduct was unfair, as your conduct did not justify dismissal, your employer did not consider the particular circumstances of the case, or that the procedure followed was unfair.
Capability dismissal
If you have been dismissed because of capability, such as illness, you may consider your employer did not allow you sufficient time to recover or that there was another role that you were capable of doing.

How can McGrade & Co. help?

As a firm of solicitors dealing only with employment law, you can be confident that we have a leading understanding of legal issues that arise in the workplace. We can help you to decide whether it is appropriate to take the case to an employment tribunal and guide you through that process. We can also advise you on how the case may be funded (Information about costs). Our specialised position is even more valuable at a time of unprecedented change in employment practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To find out more about the particular services we offer and how we can help you, please contact us on 0141 221 4488.


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