We regularly provide training to clients on a full range of employment
issues. We can provide this training on-site or at our offices.

The training we offer covers all areas of employment law, from recruitment
through to dismissal. Our training will also enable you to keep up to
date with important changes in employment law and its effect on your business.

Most of our training is provided directly to clients. In addition, we
regularly provide training on behalf of outside organisations including
law centres, advice agencies, local development companies and community
based forums.

We provide training that is practical and relevant to the needs of your
organisation. All training sessions are tailored to the needs of your
organisation. We can arrange follow up sessions where there is a need
for additional training.

The provision of training not only improves the knowledge base and confidence
of those handling employment issues within the organisation, it also represents
an effective approach to risk management. By providing training to staff
within your organisation, you substantially reduce the risk of successful
claims for unfair dismissal and discrimination claims based on the actions
of your employees.

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