Resolving disputes can often be very challenging for both employers and employees. When an employee has concerns, often the first port of call is the employer’s grievance procedure. However, this is not always the best way for disputes to be resolved.

We encourage employers and employees to consider other ways to resolve disputes. One of these ways is for parties to consider mediation. The presence of a mediator will often lead to a better understanding being achieved between the parties. Damaged working relationships can often be repaired through such a process. Even if the end result is a termination of employment, mediation can provide scope for such a termination to be facilitated more quickly, less expensively and on terms which are acceptable to both parties.

We regularly represent clients at mediation, both judicial and non-judicial. Where appropriate we will discuss with you the option of mediation and explain how the process works.

One of our directors, Giles Woolfson, is also a trained mediator who provides a mediation service. Therefore, if you are involved in a workplace dispute which could benefit from mediation, or you are an employer who wishes to consider mediation for your employees, please contact Giles on 0141 221 4488, or e-mail You can also visit

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