Discrimination law can be very complicated. At McGrade & Co, we do our best to explain it in clear and simple terms. As we specialise exclusively in employment law issues, all our solicitors have considerable experience of dealing with all areas of discrimination law.

This includes discrimination claims based on age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. We will listen very carefully to what you have to tell us about your case and make sure we take the course of action that is best for you. This may involve trying to settle the claim by negotiation at an early stage, if this appears the best option for you. Alternatively, if it is necessary to become involved in employment tribunal proceedings, we will use our many years of experience to get the best result for you.

News Updates

Supreme Court decision on “worker” status

  • 22 June 2018
  • Giles Woolfson

The Supreme Court has made an important decision in a case which involves Pimlico Plumbers. The person who brought the case, Mr Smith, has been fo...

holiday pay


  • 22 August 2017
  • Giles Woolfson

The ongoing saga of holiday pay takes another turn following a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision, which has decided that pay for voluntar...

gig economy


  • 15 February 2017
  • McGrade

The issue of the gig economy has featured very prominently media coverage of the last few months. Cases involving Uber drivers, cycle couriers...